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A Diabetologist (or a diabetes specialist doctor) is a medical professional providing treatment to the patients who are suffering from early or higher stages of diabetes. Degree after MBBS and MD (Medicine): Diploma/Certificate Course in Diabetology.

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Name of Doctor Degree State City Details
Dr. Misra Satyendra MBBS, BGM, FAGE, TUNDA, PGC,-Diabetes (Aus) Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur
Dr. Bajpai S.S. MBBS, PGCCC, PGDCC, FCC, PGDD, FICM Madhya Pradesh Chhatarpur
Dr. Banzal Subodh MBBS, MD, DM (Diabetology), FRCP, MRCP Madhya Pradesh Indore
Dr. Bhagwat R. Anand MBBS, MIP (Aus), PHFI, MVH, CCEDDM Diabetes Madhya Pradesh Indore
Dr. Bharani Tanmay MBBS, MD, DM (Diabetology) Madhya Pradesh Indore
Dr. Bhutda Pankaj MBBS, TTD (Diabetology) Madhya Pradesh Chhindwara
Dr. Dengra Ashish S. MBBS, MD, Diploma Diabetes (U.K.) Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur
Dr. Gupta Ajay MBBS, MD, DM (Diabetology), ALLMS Madhya Pradesh Indore
Dr. Jain Arun MBBS, PGC (Diabetes), PGDHHM, RCGP (UK) Madhya Pradesh Indore
Dr. Jain Sandeep MBBS, MD, FDE Madhya Pradesh Bhopal
Dr. Kastwar Vishal MBBS, MD (Med.), Diploma in Diabetology Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur
Dr. Kumut Fulguni MBBS, Diploma in Diabetology Madhya Pradesh Indore
Dr. Oak Chaitanya MBBS, PG Diploma in Diabetes Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur
Dr. Pandey Kirnesh MBBS, MD, DNB (Diabetology) Madhya Pradesh Indore
Dr. Patel H.S. MBBS, MD (Med), FICP, FCCP Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur
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