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Dr. Gargi Sethi


Name Dr. Sethi Gargi
Specialization Allopathic Family Physician
Degree MBBS
Area of Practice Allopathic Medicine
Name of Medical Council Madhya Pradesh Medical Council
Registration Number 14318/1996
Clinic/ Hospital Name NSCB Medical College
Management Government
Date of Birth 1971-04-04
Address NSCB Medical College, Jabalpur
State Madhya Pradesh
District Jabalpur
Geographical Area Medical College
Address2 201, Ratan Nagar, Behind Gorakhpur Police Station, Jabalpur
Phone Number 0761-2662704
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Member of Indian Medical Association (IMA)-Madhya Pradesh-Jabalpur
Graduation Course MBBS-Gandhi Medical College-Bhopal- Barkatullah University
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